In the kitchen, all our chefs are experienced, especially Chief Chef SAKKARA LAMWANNA, who has learned his culinary skill from a great chef master in Thailand. Besides that, Chef SAWAI CHAREONWONG and Chef TONY ONGPAIDIH are also an experienced chef with their own signature dishes to boast.

Being an east meets west kind of restaurant, our chefs gives you authentic Thai cuisine and Western dishes combined with some local food as well. Although the combination may seem strange, it works very well in this particular setting.

"The Pineapple Fried Rice is a great treat with its fantastic taste and this is a good indication of the quality of Thai food served here. And what is Thai food without a mouth-watering Tom Yam soup? A generous amount of ingredients and the right mix of spiciness and sourness had me going for 3 bowls of soup! The fried prawn Saurot Style featured two kinds of sauce to bring out the full flavour of prawns. A definite must try for prawn lovers" said SAKKARA

The Authentic THAI Restaurant
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The Authentic THAI Restaurant
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